Affiliation & Competition Entry 2017-18

Dear Principal/Mentor


Welcome back to Season 2017-18. We hope that you have had a restful break & are raring to go for the new season.


The registered letters are due to land in all 388 schools tomorrow & this e-mail is also by way of bringing you the information needed.

1.     As with previous seasons, Affiliation & Competition Entry for both the Boys & Girls Sections will be conducted by me, acting as Leinster Branch Affiliation & Competition Entry Secretary. We would ask you to note the following:


*     Affiliation & Competition Entry for Season 2017-18 is online only – details of the links needed are below.

*     Please gather all relevant information that you need BEFORE you complete the online form– a template document is available here to assist you.

*     Incomplete online entries will not be accepted. ALL information required must be completed accurately.

*     If you wish to make amendments after you have completed the online entry form, please e-mail them to me at this address – please do not re-complete the online form.

*     Entries submitted by Post, Fax, E-mail, Telephone or Personal Delivery will not be accepted.

*     Payment of fees must follow asap – registered/express post is recommended.


2.    Please take note of the affiliation & competition entry deadlines detailed below.

The closing dates for receipt of entries for season 2017-18 are;

*    Stage One: Entries completed & received by 6pm on September 6th 2017 will be accepted for all competitions.

*    Stage Two: Entries completed & received between 6.01pm on September 6th & 6pm on September 8th 2017 will be subject to an additional late entry fee of €50. In such cases entry will be accepted for league competitions only.

*    Stage Three: Entries received after 6.01 pm on September 8th 2017 will NOT be consideredfor entry into any competition.



The online form links are:

1: This link will remain open until 6pm on September 6th 2017 & will allow entry to all competitions.

2: This link will be open from 6.01pm on September 6th 2017 & will close on September 8th 2016 @ 6pm. No entries will be considered after this date/time.


Whichever link you use, please ensure that you complete all pages of the form, until the ‘Thank You’ page is displayed at the end – if the ‘Thank You’ page is not shown, then you have not completed the online application & your entry will not be saved.


Many thanks for your time & we look forward to receiving your entry soon. As usual, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me asap.


On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Yours in Sport,

Declan McGrath

Honorary Secretary,

FAI Schools, Leinster Branch,

Boys Section.