Player Registration Information

Dear Registrar,

This e-mail is by way of updating you on the Player Registration process for Season 2016-17 using the new FAI database, FAInet.

FAInet has been set-up in consultation with the DFB (German FA) & supports the aims of the FAI Player Development Plan in tracking the development & progress of all players in Ireland. FAInet was launched for the Colleges Associations last week, the FAI Schools Leinster Branch (the largest schools branch in Ireland) this week & will be rolled out to various leagues over the winter months.


Over the past 48 hours, you should have received an e-mail from the FAI IT Department detailing your FAInet username & password, as well as links to FAInet & the FAInet support page.


Player registration this season for Senior, Junior & Minor players will take place in two stages:


Entering player details on FAInet (timescale – between now & mid-term break).


Adding players to teams on FAInet (timescale – between mid-term break & Xmas holidays)

A separate timeline will be issued for First Year player registration.


It had been hoped that player data entered on Project Inform could be transferred over to the new database, but moving the data would have created more problems than it would have solved, so it was decided at the Leinster Boys Section Development Meeting last May to start from scratch. This is why we are allowing such a long window for the entering of player data


However, entering player data on FAInet is a much simpler process than it was on Project Inform, as all that is needed is the players First Name, Surname & Date Of Birth – none of the additional information required by Project Inform is needed here, so the process should be much quicker.


What you need to do before the mid-term break is:


Gather the information required from your Senior/Junior/Minor squads – names & dates of birth. (This information may also be available on Project Inform – for instructions as to how to extract this information from PI click here).


Go to the FAInet Support Page, login & a) read the user guide (the first 8 pages are relevant for the moment) & b) watch the instructional video (the first 2.07 of the video is relevant for the moment).


Once you are familiar with what you have to do, go to FAInet & enter the player details.


Once you have that done, please check that all players details are entered (maximum of 30 players per squad).


Sit back & wait for an e-mail on assigning players to teams.


Then it’s over to us to approve the players on the system – this will take some time, as player records for 10,000+ players will be entered during this window.

Once we have the players approved, you will then receive notification to assign the approved players to teams.

Only schools that fail to engage will be subject to sanctions as per Rulebook, an action we wish to avoid at all costs, hence the long window for player entry.



Many thanks for your support & patience on this, as we move forward with a much better database system.